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ESP32 MicroPython run script on boot

In a previous post we flashed a W32-WROOM-32 with MicroPython and successfully got to an interactive python prompt via serial. Now we will create a simple python script and upload it to the ESP32 and have it run on boot.

First, lets create a really simple python script -:

import time
print('Hello world! I can count:')
i = 1

while True:
    i += 1
    time.sleep(1.0)  # Delay for 1 second.

This script prints a message and initialises a variable to 1, then goes into a while loop printing the variable, incrementing the variable by 1, and waiting 1 second.

To upload this python file to the ESP32 use the ampy tool, again install using pip -:

pip install adafruit-ampy

I have saved my python file as, we will use ampy to upload to the ESP32 via serial. To make the script run on boot it must be uploaded as -:

ampy --delay 1 --port /dev/cu.usbserial-0001 put /

Note the delay is important, it will error out without it. Now if we reboot the ESP32 and connect to serial we should see the following output -:

MicroPython running a script
MicroPython running a script

In the next post we will look at connecting the ESP32 to our wireless network.

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